Nighttime blabbering 337

Do you remember the Domes of Draksia? It is a novelette I made last year. It finally came to the editing part. This is going to be my primary occupation for some time. Somewhere in the middle of that, I’ll do a story for my Patreon and find time to post “Georgians”. I’ve noticed a lot of people looking at the post, but I guess the financial status is being slim this month.

I keep upgrading my editing skills with around 15 texts I was given to iron out. I’ve seen a lot of bad writers and it can be cringy at times. Alas, I never looked forward in slamming their dumb asses, but some people do deserve it. Would you like an example? Imagine a story without a body, it goes straight at the action without an introduction, without saying who the hero and the villain are. Imagine they fight, but… there’s nothing around them. Hm, astral projection? Interesting, but it’s not, there is no setting or background, it’s just not added. What am I reading? It’s confusing to the limits of logic and my brain hurts. But hey, I am upgrading and that is always useful.

It’s ‘get ready for the winter’ season, so I am out and about these days. I found some seasonal work around the village, and because of that, I had to miss a few nights and get you a report. At least I am working out.

That YouTube thing is a complete bust. I missed a week and I am going to miss so many more. Now you know it. I am not really happy with the response I am having and I know it is my fault because I can’t dedicate myself to that. So far I am concerned, I have more important stuff to do. I may post something, just to keep the channel alive. Yes, you will see my illustrations and vlogs, but not as much as before. I hope that’s fine with you.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera


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