Georgians (out now)

With great pride, I give you the story called “Georgians”, a story of a nobleman seeking salvation from the torment of being a creature that haunts his subordinates. It is a story that combines history and goth elements in a way that creates an alternative timeline. This story goes deep in the human’s psyche while showing the ancient and brutal way of life.

Research for this story took me around two days to get the fact straight and form an outline that works. Writing it was a challenging feat because there was a lot of information to stick to. The biggest temptation was not to steer into the hybrid version and use elements that were not part of the goth and horror genre that dictates the period and motives used in the story. I always tried to transport the plot in a futuristic setting, pair it with cyberpunk or lean towards realism. For this one, I had to hold myself accountable and avoid the bastardization of the given requirements for this task.

I hope you like it.

The critique segment that is in a more pricey tier, goes to clarify the motives and the pieces of information used. I explained how come things happened in a certain way, just because I was talking about the way of life that is unfamiliar to us, forgotten, historical. There are some educational parts, a little bit of imagination to fill the gaps in what is left unknown to the modern generations. I really gave my best to present a time that doesn’t exist anymore. In this, I sincerely hope, you will enjoy.

“Georgians” has 3 versions. First is a story only post worth of 3$, the second is a story and critique version that goes from 5$, up to 50$ (depending on the tier, you get different content). The third one is in Serbian and it’s in the 2$ Tier, just because of the economic standard difference. You can join any one of them, see all of my stories I previously posted, or get a custom story just for you. I welcome the challenge, the mixture of genres and motives you plan of giving me. This is not just a practice for me, but a way to explore my skills and grow better with each and every story. I intend to reach a level of proficiency where I will be satisfied with what I can do and perhaps be enough to translate my own work and publish it. With your donation, I can pursue my dreams and make a strategy of how I want to make success. Your help won’t go unnoticed. All donations are intended for improving the quality of my work and for publishing efforts.

Chose a version

Georgians story                   Georgian’s critique                     Đorđevci

Georgians annoouncement Patreon

This story will be going out public for FREE the next month. I don’t want to stop anyone from reading if that’s what they like. I believe that if you want to read some fun stuff, you should get the chance to do it. Donations are just an option for me to fund the process of translation of my novels and not a cent goes to my bills. I hope that makes it clear.

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