Nighttime blabbering 336

Everything is prepared for Patreon and stored in a separate folder for when the time comes. It was a hard topic to get my mind wrapped around it, but I think I managed to see it through. Horror is just not my thing. I haven’t written much in that genre, so every time I try, I start thinking that my vision doesn’t bring anything new to the plot. If I don’t like reading stuff over and over again, why would I assume that anybody else would like to read something that is known to be a stereotype or reoccurring trope? Nevertheless, I gave my best shot to create something interesting, but also factual and telling. You’ll see it for a couple of weeks. My Patrons will see it first and that is the idea behind all of it.

To report on tomatoes, I did the first harvest and the amount I picked was around 20 kilograms, the right amount to make one batch of “ljutenica” (a type of hot sauce originally named by the Bulgarians). They are Slavic too and the first neighbor of Serbia, which means we don’t have the best of relations, but we kind of agreed to behave. But the sauce, it’s very hot, I can almost eat it without tears and hiccups. Yup, it’s that strong.

Writing? I do a lot of editing lately, which is beneficial to my writing skills and the way I look at the story altogether. I mean, you start seeing behind the words, you look for patterns and interestingly formed sentences, thus enriching your armory for when the war starts (I write military fiction, so…).

There’s not much to tell, except for the story that I am making in fragments and preparing a second one. That goes well. About my first novel, all work is being postponed for a more convenient time, and I am not really rioting here, because I know there are some burning issues we have to take care of first. Great communication is the key here, people. Without it, I am afraid you don’t have an agreement with your publisher. And we ARE a team, so whatever the trouble they are in, I am there to share the burden. At least we function the way we are. And that has to mean something. There is a silver lining, I only need to keep my eye out for it.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera


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