Georgians (announcement)

Here we are, nearly at the end of July. For this month, I made a story called Georgians. It is an alternative history with speculative elements concerning gothic motives such as werewolves and vampires. Because I am led to believe that the history of one certain area may not be the well-known thing, I took some liberty to clarify the symbolism in the critique compartment.

The idea for this story came in a form of challenge that passed the ranks within the group of people I socialize with on a professional level. We were tasked to write something we are not quite good at, where in the middle of the project, I decided to use this writeup, do extensive research on the topic and produce a quality piece for Patreon.

This will be the first time I post a Serbian version on my Patreon, so 30.7.2019, there will be 3 posts.

I hope you will read it, enjoy it and learn about how people lived in ancient Serbia. This story is intended to be educational and informative.

Georgians annoouncement Patreon

Read the full announcement here.

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