Nighttime blabbering 335

The illustration video is ready for posting. I am waiting for the weekend to show it to you. As always, I encountered problems around the recording of the process. The first half looks good and it contains all the important stuff, however, the second that’s about finalizing the work got a bug and it keeps being thickheaded when I upload it in the program. I use VSDC video editor for this and I am well satisfied with it. There is no watermark at the end of the video, it is easy for use and it gives you some options, but not too many and I’m not looking for a ton of bells and whistles. Look for a free download and give it a shot.

My family and I are still in the process of getting our home in order which included the front yard repair, painting the summer kitchen and now the relocating the guest room. This space is to be used only when we have slava and celebrate some big thing in our lives.

My tomatoes have grown big and nice. I haven’t broken the record from the past years when I managed to find a 1-kilogram heavy tomato, but I keep my hopes high for this season. There could be at least one that grows so big I can’t find a vessel in which I would bring it home.

The work around writing and editing is getting serious because I got some positive comments from one of the editors sent to other editors in the team. Apparently, I am getting proficient which is really good. That means that I am to edit my own stories and cut the time in half when I am on my projects.

Currently, I have some spare time and I am spending it in finding what is the next thing I can try myself at. This won’t last forever when the holiday season passes, but hey, I am able to help more now and do some good within the Association. The only bad side to it is that I have neglected to blog and you guys who keep reading my blabberings. If I can, I’ll try to write a story or two by the end of the month. I lack practice.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera


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