Phantom generation 2


The message on the phone told him to get back to the precinct. He dropped his phone and rolled over the side.  It was a gloomy morning, not like others. With a heaviness in feet, he got to a sitting position. He moved his hair and looked at the numerous bullet scars in his legs, a long and ruff slash took up almost his whole leg. That’s the place where shrapnel went through and left him something to remember the war by. If only he earned that in a war, that would be chivalrous and respected. Gang wars are looked down upon.

He got dressed, put on the light jacket and a warmer one over it and made sure he can move with the bulletproof vest on. Good, it didn’t show through the layers of clothing. Last check if his gun was loaded, he concealed it behind the back and took the bottle of pills. Stolen merchant dice, there was no prescription written on it. He took a handful, chewed them as he locked the door and made sure nobody is waiting for him in the hall.

After a few hours in transit, he reached the center of Sectoria. Trash, dirt and freely growing weed were common for the city. The ruins, blocks of concrete leaned over the flat house hasn’t been taken to the landfill. It just stood there like a reminder that twenty years ago they were in a war. Gang graffiti decorate it, a well-known warning that Breaker’s gang rules this place.

The door’s mechanism crepitated when he went into the police station.

“Freeze, scum!”, an officer pointed the gun at him and he stopped before the lunatic.

“Put that away, you idiot.”, a colleague slapped the officer’s hand and the policeman looked at the senior in shock. “Sorry, Dave. This is the new guy.”, jokingly the senior used the thumb to point at the younger officer.

Dave hasn’t said a word to them, he headed to the Captain’s office in the back. As he used to, he just walked in and saw an elegant woman behind the desk with a crystal glass-half-full in hand.

“Do you ever knock?”, the expression on her face showed this wasn’t the first time he barged in like a cowboy.

“I never had someone to teach me manners when I was growing up.”, it seems this was an explanation for everything he did wrongfully.

“That’s why I wanted you here. I need to know what’s going on with the Breaker clan. What’s the word on the street? Is there any big business taking place anytime soon?”, she chugged the spirit from the glass and stood up to get another.

“Why don’t you ask one of the cover agents you have in his lines?”, Dave pocketed his hands and looked away.

“Breaker is sending them in pieces. He has my address.”, the reply came fast and the booze ran faster.

“Why do you think I am safer? He can easily get my headshot from a local hobo.”, he said, but the Captain smiled at him while clicking her nails over the glass.

“This is your terrain. People I send are not natural to the culture, you are. We tried to tame you, teach you to be one of us, educated, eloquent, with good posture, but that failed. Besides, the Phantoms are masters at avoiding police. They are streetsmart. They matured at a much earlier age, which made them dangerous. The whole state suffers from the faceless infestation and there is nothing we can do to stop it, no matter how many checkpoints we put in the city and ID the citizens. And the mob, they control everything, even the police. I act only when they give me the room, so I need you out there, snuffing around, find black market deals I can interrupt.”, shaking her hands and talking through the smile she got back to the desk and Dave understood she is intoxicated because there was a bigger problem she hid from him.

“I’ll see what I can do. Breaker might go after me. And it’s easy for him, he knows how to find a certain Phantom if he wishes.”

“What? You are afraid of Phantoms?”, the attempt to gloat failed.

“Most of them try to have a life. Some leave the state through back channels, some find a job and have a modest life. I am not afraid of Phantoms but petrified of what will happen if there is only one left in the state. He would be invisible, uncatchable, a perfect criminal.”, the thought made Captain turn serious and drink up the last drop.

“Pray to God it isn’t the Breaker. I’m sick and tired of the files with his name on it. People who pay me to keep order are not satisfied with how far we have gone with locating him. He is a big splinter in the mob’s paw. They want him dead. Hired goons can’t find his track. He is already invisible to us.”, the Captain scoffed and covered her face via hand, resting for a moment.

“I am aware of his actions and businesses. Even the second generation of Phantoms are familiar with it. Shame, our way of life is being idolized and desired by today’s youngsters. Revolution eats it’s children, indeed.”, Dave added while turning for the door when the Captain stopped him.

“If I clean after the mob, I don’t need to do the same for you. Try to have the body count below five.”, it was funny to him how she is willing to collaborate with the mafia but conditions him about his work. Even he thought it was hilarious, he hasn’t shown it to her.

“Tell your beloved mafiosos to stop flooding the streets with the enhanced dope. Let Breaker think he had them running for the hills. Allow him to put down his fists, so that I can come closer to him.

He closed the door not wanting to participate in the pointless conversations he had with the Captain. Some officers greeted him on his way out.

Dave stopped at the base of the steps, inhaled and exhaled, before finding the route towards the club. He had a job to do.

Phantom generation

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