Time travel paradox (out now)

Long waiting paid off with this story. Jovana Mitrović, an editor I hired to help me said “Oh my God, you keep mixing present tense with the past tense. Stop doing that for the love of God.”, and also noted: “This was an interesting story and I love how you misled me into reading two different genres in one.”. She signed off the edited version for which I am proud of presenting it to you.
The story is a combination of comedy and psychological thriller. It has a good amount of scientific theories about time traveling concept. I had two versions in mind when I was writing this piece. One was what you get in the story and the other was about people traveling though time just to witness epic battles and spectate the history reveling before their eyes as a form of entertainment. That other version would pull the dangerous aspect of temptation to get involved and influence the outcome of the raging battle. I stayed away from that idea because I founded that the first option brought more inspiration and more interesting overview of the problem. You’ll see it.
I do hope you will enjoy the story and leave me some critique on it.
Chose your version:
Story                                                                Story and critique
Vortex2 Dronstad
For more stories, you are free to scroll through my blog and find some, or here is a selection of my favorites.

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