Time travel paradox (announcement)

Again, my time had been reserved for other projects and I haven’t got the chance to create an illustration for this story. If I get the time for the next one, I’ll try to stay up late and create a cover for the upcoming story.
The story I made for this month, but you had to wait for it, was forwarded to my editor Jovana Mitrović. She did a splendid job of finding mistakes and getting the writing in order. I am satisfied with her professionalism and I look forward to working with her on other projects I have planned.
For this month, I intended to try myself with a comedy and a little bit of science. All my work falls under speculative science, so the choice to really get into it was a good one. I’ve added a critique that explains what I wanted to say and analyses the plot in details, so you don’t misunderstand the narrative.
Along with this story announcement, I’ve decided to add more Serbian to my Patreon, so the next month, I plan to post stories and their translations, and also stories in Serbian. The idea is to attract the audience from my social media platforms and collect funding for the proper translation of my novel.
With this, I have an idea of collecting my Patreon stories and other successful projects into a book and try to push it forward on Amazon, where I can participate with my work in an attempt to get more people interested for mine writing.
With this said, if you are an author and you’ve published something on Amazon, I am interested in your experience. I’d like to hear from you all the tricks of the trade and what not to do when publishing on Amazon. Any advice is useful. Please, write down your impressions and send them to my email: dronstad.submissions@gmail.com
If not that, you are free to use the comment section below this post and get me informed. I’d appreciate the length and detailed description of your journey to put your novel on its feet.
Time travel paradox announcement
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