Nighttime blabbering 321

Time flies fast when you are working. Well, from a few days ago, I am more active about the site I manage, there are lots of texts to be posted and edited. Not too bad if you ask me. I love this stuff.

Editing is finished. That battle scene I had a problem with is all done now. I am happy to announce that a second follow-up in the Dronstad saga is ready to be professionally handled by the experienced editors within the Association. Yay for me, right?

Ma sister’s kids are a real joy to be around. They keep knocking my brain out with witty remarks and clever answers to the logical questions. Furthermore, I love the mannerisms they’ve been thought. Politeness is the greatest thing you can teach your children. If anything I can recommend to you as a preschool teacher by profession, it’s that you need to teach your kids some politeness.

Right now, I am getting ready to start writing a story for the next month. One is at my editor, it’s being reviewed. I hoped it will arrive in time to post it on my Patreon, but I can’t keep pushing them to do it if they have more pressing concerns. It will come in time.

This engagement with the Association is taking a toll. Now, I am given the task to mount 5 texts on the site and monitor the online group for modest behavior. There is also a challenge in the form of creating the topics and posts, run the stats and do multitasking with the other content creators. It’s a no-pay job, based on doing what are we interested in so this comes tiresome but very rewarding if you see the final result. Off to a new mission. See you tomorrow or some other night.

Sorry for the irregular post schedule.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera


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