Night time blabbering 320

No video for this weekend. It’s not that I haven’t recorded anything, it’s the quality of the material I’ve collected. The thing is, I don’t want to post stuff just so I can say I did it. Next week could be much more inspiring for me to record something more meaningful.

Editing update. I am close to end the second novel and call it a day. But editing brings new challenges, and that is not different from this one. I wrote a battle scene in sumcoforance of 34 pages. Even though it is a hardcore clash between 3 armies, this is not gonna cut it. The scene is far too long for anyone to really enjoy it. The thing is, I like it this long, it portrays the sheer futility of the fight and it makes the characters doubt in the reason for them to fight, so it is a moral dilemma of “Do we really need to kill all theses creatures or not?”. This is one of the most interesting segments of the whole novel. Trying to find compassion and mercy for something you don’t understand, see it as a live thing with hearth and soul. Bit hey, they just keep on coming and do you lay down your weapons and let them overrun your position? Do you give up the fight and let yourself be bitten and consumed by the massive force springing on the horizon? See, it is interesting.

I realize that, as much the scene is dynamic, nobody has that attention span to follow it through. So, I decided to cut that in half, and even then I am left with about 12 pages long fight scene. Even that is way too long. I just might compress everything to 5 pages and see if that is enough to keep the reader reading.

In other news, I’m getting a visit from my nephew and niece. They’ll stay with me for a week or so, and I expect lots of fun while they’re here. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am going to stop editing or reporting to you about what is going on in my life.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera


7 thoughts on “Night time blabbering 320

  1. I remember being told the golden rule in editing creative writing is ‘cut, cut, cut’, so that’s always worked for me, even if it is hard to do. It certainly helps keep the reader interested. It’s tricky, but probably worth it. Good luck with your editing. And enjoy the company of your niece an nephew… 🙂

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