Waiting for that story

As I told you, I posted videos on my Patreon here, and they are public, so anyone can see them. I wanted to show you the parts where I wish for the ground to open beneath me and devour me. Maybe it’s not that bad, yet this is so cringing when I watch it. This is what I have to deal with while editing my videos and trying to post them on my YouTube channel.

Because I am not bringing my best quality and YouTube does not tolerate that… Well, it actually does, but I don’t want to be that guy who posts low-quality material. And I realize I am ‘that guy’ because most of my videos are low resolution, I often make mistakes when I talk. All of that is not intentional, it’s my brain waging on ‘did I said it right?’. I wish if I could just relax and do what I want, but I am always kinda scared of what will people say or do.

Anyways, there you go, something to laugh at.

When I finish this post, I am back to editing the novel, maybe write a story for a contest. I hear one is quite interesting and I plan on participating. And there is a road trip waiting for me tomorrow. It is a good opportunity for some vlog recordings.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera

Look at my YouTube, see the post links I put on Twitter, join that Patreon if you will. I’ll make you a story.

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