Poem on my channel

I’ve been working hard and missing the schedule to post new stuff. I had plans to do a video about how I edit my novels, so you can see what steps it takes to get the manuscript in order, but I haven’t had time. I leave it for the next week.

In the meantime, here is a poem you can listen to. It’s very short and in my style, you already knew this.

It would be so cool if you would to watch it on YouTube, leave a like and call your friends to subscribe. It would be even cooler if you joined my Patreon. I am bringing you another announcement for the story I made to go in June. And I am posting a video on my Patreon, something that is way too cringy and funny at the same time. What could that be? I am posting the unedited video for a short story “Cimmerian around the clock” made to honor a Commander in Quill Rudra.

Find me on Twitter, I post everything there.

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