Night time blabbering 307

What would you like me to post on my Patreon until the edited story “The Captain’s Curse” comes out? I’d really love some suggestions and ideas. Throw me anything, I’ll see what am I able to do. And that post will be public, so anyone can see it. It is a cunning way to lure you to my Patreon and maybe get you interested in getting a custom story. You pick the characters, their names and the setting. This way you challenge me to create a story from something that at first glance seems dank. How does that sound to you? I mean, in this story, I got pirates and space, so space pirates. Kinda goofy, but yet interesting. You’ll see it.

Tomorrow, I plan on getting to that editing again. Dear God, it seems I am making big pauses, but I have too because of the field work when there are fine weather and a lot of work around administrating the Association’s site.

Right now, I am coming to the part where everything speeds up. The intention is to prolong that segment and give more valuable information, read this as building a context to what is to come. And the big battle is coming. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before, complete destruction. My characters are in a really tough place, surrounded, understaffed, with little ammo and armor, the future is hanging by a thread of hope that there is a silver lining. And the grim truth is that there is none of the hope left in the world. Slim chances of survival, my characters are in some serious trouble. But where is the problem, this seems fine? Hm, it’s too much for them to go in battle when they just got out of one. This is connected, and I am going to stretch it on two more pages if not ten. Building a context, tying up some loose ends can be helpful to get rid of some plot holes. It’s a ‘spit and sticks’ time.

Tomorrow… somebody’s gonna… die.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera


7 thoughts on “Night time blabbering 307

  1. Surrounded? Low on Ammo?? Those cats are going to have a hell of a fight on their hands! (I love that opening photo – cats and Full Metal Jacket – great combo).

    What are you writing – is it sci-fi or military fiction? or both, or cats or cat space pirates… in space?

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