Night time blabbering 306

Now I don’t know when will that story be ready and I am about to start making the one for the next month and I am growing ever angrier. As I’ve been told, my editors are working on it and it will be a shame if I don’t post that version on my Patreon. I am torn between posting the original one or wait for that corrected piece. I am giving them the deadline because I can’t wait for it no more. This made ma Patrons hold on for almost two months and this is the first time it happened. Any suggestion or advice, I’d be happy to hear them. What should I do, keep writing the only way I know how, or ask people around me to sort out my gibberish?

This summer will be one of the rainiest seasons we had in a couple of years. It looks like we will encounter floods and probably have a lousy harvest. Don’t even get me going on the tomatoes and peppers expectations. Few days past, we transported the delicate sprouts in the designated places to start intended growth. Yes, they get plenty of water, it rains every second day. No, this is not all too good, these plants also need the sun to get growing. This is a problem.

And I haven’t posted a video today, because I was out working. Strange how the whole week went by and I haven’t noticed.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera


10 thoughts on “Night time blabbering 306

  1. I see the dilemma. Personally, I’d always post the most polished piece possible, even if it means waiting. It’s your baby you’re putting ‘out there’, so you’d want it to look it’s best for a wide audience. I can understand your frustration though, totally. Hope it’s resolved soon, and also that the weather perks up for you. 🙂

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    • Forecast announced over 100 milliliters in 1 metric cube of rain in period of 2 hours counting… 15 minutes ago. Civilized areas can’t withstand that much water in one place, we expect erosion from the nearby hills, power outage, hail storm with fist size projectiles. The storm is brewing behind the tallest mountain in the area. All hail defense systems are alerted and in standby mode for active rocketing.

      And here I am, worried about my tomatoes.


  2. One of the idiosyncrasies of being a creative person is that it doesn’t come on tap. Sometimes, stuff needs time to ‘get it right’. maybe do a short on the Patreon in the meantime, with a message about the ‘one to come’.
    And we could do with some of your rain – until last week, we’d had 7mm in 8 months, and all the stonefruit trees are now dead or severely diseased (with the fungus that only grows on dead wood).
    The world is changing.

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    • We haven’t had this much rain since 2014. The winter was fairly warm, until it wasn’t and it lasted until mid February. The world is changing.

      About that creativity, I have a lot of ideas. I only need to sit and work on them.

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