Night time blabbering 305

I posted a story on my second blog today. It got me back to the time I was working on my first novel and when Daily Prompt was a thing. When that existed, the challenge was to create a post based on one word that should give you an inspiration. And I loved the concept behind it. This little word, meaningless to some, was a spark to get your creativity going. Back then, I made a story per day, just so you can read it. Tanks to those reads and writing I did, I got so many people around me. Shame the WordPress shut it down.

But hey, I made a story under 2 days. That must mean something. When talking about the stories, it’s been a half a month now and I still wait for my editors to finish their review and correction. They told me I am going to get it tomorrow and I really hope I will. As soon as I get it, I am posting it on my Patreon and I am sharing a link to it here. Lesson learned. Tomorrow I will create a story for the next month, so we don’t get into this delay again.

One question: What would you like to read in my next story? I am open to ideas.

And a question for my Patrons, Michael and River: How can I make it up to you for this long wait?

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera


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