It seems I get in here only to show you my new video on my YouTube channel. Well, I at least check up on you.

I got all too much into this writing experience and talking about it, so I wanted to do a change and give you bits from my life. Some of you got interested in a very place where I live in and this video will show you exactly where is my habitat.

You know the drill, subscribe, like and share, but foremost, comment on my blog and video. And please try to watch it on YouTube because the algorithm is kinds daft that way and won’t push me to the recommended page if you watch this elsewhere.

Once again, thank you for being here, my loyal Commanders in Quill. I love yall.

Got any change? Drop it here. I got a new story coming up in a few days.

Oh, so you want to talk. No problem. Find me on Twitter or Facebook.



    • Going great. It’s written, and it will be posted on my Patreon very soon. In a day or two…. I hope. My editors are very busy with other projects, so this one is calling the favors. Glad you are getting interested. Free version of that story will be posted next month. I don’t keep my content private for a long time. If people want to read, they should be able to do it for free.


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