Night time blabbering 304

Ah, if I knew it will take this much time to prepare the story and that my editors will be busy like no other day, I would just post it as it is and leave it like that. But I gave you a promise that I shall only post the quality stuff, so, this is the price I pay. The pressure is real, I don’t want to disappoint.

This day is not going in my book of memories. I did what I planned, however, I am still way behind the schedule. Yes, I posted a video on my channel, yes, I am working on a project concerning Sci-Fi Association I am in, yes, I took a nap and did my chores outside, yes I am back to editing my second novel, but all of this is just interfering in the other project because I am a control freak and I am ambitious.

You’ve seen how much I neglected my blogging. I’m sure you did. Ah, it’s hectic around here. I am still to bring up my UpWork profile to active mode and start looking for freelance jobs. And guess what, I’d probably drop some other part of my life I was doing. I may have to forget about something in order to have time.

It’s my fault, I know. And I must be really dumb because I keep adding things to my list hoping that one of them will kick off so I can really dedicate myself to it. Well, blogging is not a complete failure. I wanted to use it in order to find publishers, get noticed. And I was noticed by you my Commanders so, that is even better. You like me the way I am, while the publishers would put me on the scale with bricks of money on the other end and see if I am worthy.

YouTube is something that demands dedication, same as blogging, but yeah, we can see some popular YouTubers and get our high hopes from it. Perhaps I was not meant to be someone big, but quiet and creative. Somehow that’s becoming my new goal in life. And the novel is ready, my first one. Now we wait for printing and marketing tactics.

What I can say, not all things are bad as they seem, and not all things are good as they seem. You get some, you lose some. One thing is clear, I am not giving up on blogging and talking to you. You are my closest friends who are good listeners.

The “Captain’s Curse” is coming out soon.

Little Grey Russian Blue Cat With Blue Eyes Looking In Camera



2 thoughts on “Night time blabbering 304

    • Yes. All my Patreon stories and poems are in English, and soon is not specified as it can last from one day to five. As I said, my editors are overworked and currently taken with pressing tasks. One of them said it will take up to 2 days, but nothing is for sure. I am really sorry you had to wait for this story to get to a better quality. One thing is for sure. The story goes out in this month and I am preparing the second story for the next month.

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