Night time blabbering 292

So, I managed to slam 3 000 words today. Still under my quota, but better productivity than yesterday. It appears that I will have to write even more now because I haven’t really resolved some issues and I need to keep going until I find a good segway into tieing up the loose ends.

In the honor of that productivity, I recorded two audio stories and I am into editing them to final shape. So far, I have around 5 stories that are waiting for me to get on it. I might take a 3 day to work on them so I have a back up when I am not able to record anything else. I try to keep more of a diverse type of content there because let’s face it, there are not many people interested in reading. This way, I just might get a few of them interested in stories and keep growing from there. Not much of a plan, however, it beats the old one. And it’s really demanding to record and write every week. I am not a pro and it takes a lot of time from me come up with a story, record, edit and then publish it. I keep it simple and easy to maintain.

Rain keeps me inside the house and I am able to write for real. No more goofing around. I plan to finish this novel within a month. I am going to break my record, just to prove that it’s possible.



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