Summer-like Child (Patreon)

This month, I am bringing the critique to all of my Patrons. It’s not a mistake, I really wanted all of you to see this. Let’s say I just felt a bit generous. I already informed you on my blog about the poem I am giving you here. There is no need to further talk about it as you will see it for yourself.
I have a task for you. I’d need you to write to me in details of what do you think about it. I need it because I am working on a different project (my 4th novel) and I need someone to comment on my poem so I can take that and use it in my writing. I need to know what impression am I making. The poem is a copy of a style packed in a different format so it is dependent on the novel I write. I hope this isn’t all too confusing for you. And I also hope this is not a big of a task for you. 500 words or more. Put it on a document, sign your name and give it to my email you can find on my blog for submissions.
My Patreon post here.
For those new here, please consider becoming a Patron and reading this poem. I’ll make you a custom story, or a poem, or an illustration, or all 3. By becoming a Patron, you will help me publish my novel “Dronstad – The Quaranteen”.
SummerLike Child1
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