Out of words (snippet)

I stood among the pillars that held the balcony, while the flag fluttered over my head and people passed me by. I tried to inhale the smoke from eco-cigarette, either the ampoule was at the end, or the battery was low. Nevertheless, the taste was cheap and of poor flavor. A group of people came out of the car, the door closed with the sound of music going mute, it was a civil taxi in question. A child, not more than ten years old, opposes, does not want to get to the building while his mother pulls him by the arm. It does not stop to scream, it seems I would break my arm from his ass if the child was mine, and then I remember that’s the last thing I needed in my life. I have no need to have them yet.

It was probably a divorce lawsuit, they decided to solve this in a civilized way, so, how are they gonna split, cut the kid in half, someone gets the head, another one gets the kid’s ass, I do not understand. I chuckle, although it is not appropriate, and turn my head, pretend I am dubious with a thoughtful gaze set at the distance. My thoughts turn to another thing before I approached the bus station.

Two rows of seats and even center are filled, no way to see the end of the mass that keeps rocking while the bus is cruising through the city at moderate speed. Everyone is silent, no one complains about the stench of someone who nabbed itself full of garlic and some Misses that tried to disguise it with a cloud of vanilla perfume. Overall, it is a regular smell of a bus. The driver cusses, he is a perfect replacement for a sailor at the deck. Two hags near me had a gossip session about a character who cheated his darling, only through a story I figured out they spoke about a TV show. Eh, if I could write that, God could take notice of me, help me escape this lifestyle.

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