The Omega Generation (deployment)

Welcome to my blog. I am Shawn and today I will present you a new story on my Patreon. You only need 3$ to read it and also get five more stories for that same value. By the way, the previous stories on my Patreon are now set for the public so you can read most of them for FREE. Also, you can read many more stories here, on my blog. If that is too much, and you don’t feel like reading, you can always check my YouTube channel where I read the stories for you. See, I am making this all to easy for you to digest.

Now, if you become a Patron, you get a custom story, poem, and illustration by your design.


If you happen to write something of your own, there is an option for you to send it over and I’ll make an audio story from your work, post it on my channel and point out to my audience where they can buy your book, find you on the social media or promote your other projects.

Let’s socialize. Find me on my Facebook page where I post memes and funny stuff or on Twitter.

3$ story + surprise                5$ story and critique + a surprise

Until the next time, take care, and bye.

Pensive businessman in elegant suit sitting on a ruins of a cast

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