Night time blabbering 267

I am nearly over with all of this editing. There are still little things to be set straight, so I’ll need a bit more time to make it work. Among the other things I do, I am preparing myself for a great feat. It’s been a while since I undertook a serious project on my hand. For quite some time, I am doubtful about it. I should concentrate on the more important things, find something useful to do. My stories on YouTube are not making much progress so I thought I could try making interesting videos and still be in the domain of writing. Now, pieces of advice I can’t give, but I can provide examples. It could be about blogging, even though I am barely at 777 followers and there are people with over 10 000 followers on their list. Some subject could relate the process of writing and I can explain in details how I create. As I said, I am kind still thinking about it.

Why do I say this? It’s strange because I have some post in here that keep on getting attention. For an example, I have a post called “Rakija, connecting people” where I explained the process of making rakija and some customs involving the consumption of rakija. If I’d make videos that would be searchable, I could actually grow my audience, yet I will get them used to one sort of things and push my stories aside. See, it’s not that easy. I just picked the wrong thing to promote and try to stick out from.

Still, this can be an exciting journey for me. Maybe not, the time will tell. Ugh, I will pause the blog for a few days until I sort out some things and then see where I am headed. I may come to see some of your posts and check on social media. That’s all for tonight. See ya’ later alligator.



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