Met at the border (must watch)

Browsing through my YouTube recommendations, I came across a video, watched it and I was inspired to share it with you. You know me, I am a sucker for a story and if that is a war story, I love it even more.

I gave you my take on the childhood I had, everything that I went through and the fears I have. The war is a war, chaos with lots of horrors. Yet, far more gruesome part comes after the war, when you take a pause and breath in all of the destructions that happened, open your eyes and truly see what really happened to your home. Why do you open your eyes, why do you look at everything, why let it hit you? It’s because you want to repair the damage, fix what’s broken, start over. You need to estimate the damage level in order to approach the problem. You need to see the grandiose image of what war is. This is where humanity shines the brightest. This is the part where your conscience goes to work. This is the part when you acknowledge the collateral damage and the victims, you start seeing the monstrosity and develop compassion. Still, I couldn’t show you how does it really feel, so this video I am about to show you depicts that is a true sense.

This is a story of Slavic people, of the Balkan and people living there. One of them is a Bosniak, a Muslim living in Sarajevo, a city divided in half. The other side is a Serbian side. The city as every city in the world, it functioned in between the people groups. And people, like any other, they socialized and tried to had the best life. Yeah, there were some hostilities and fights as these people were of different cultures, but at the border in these two areas, there was a mixture of those cultures creating a separate culture on its own. This has spread on both sides of the city. People were people, some thought to hate the other side, some thought to respect it.

Only those smart knew that too much hate is defeating one’s soul and chose to abandon the hate in order to elevate their quality of life. Hate is like a poison, too much will kill you. Hate infects the soul. I realized that in time, maybe because I was scared while I was still a child and the survival instinct told me I NEED TO CHANGE. So I did, but in the process, I learned to not hate the people and aim my finger at the politicians who are mostly responsible for what has happened to this region.

With watching this video, I realized that I was not alone in this and it warms my heart seeing that even those who fought, are able to see the war in the same way I saw it.

I present you a “Meeting at the border”.

The video has subtitles. Watch it whole, read carefully. Witness the events and the aftermath of the Balkanization. I’d never been able to write something like this. This is on the other level, too much reality for me to mimic.


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