Night time blabbering 266

Just a friendly reminder, I have a Patreon account where you can get your customized story, poem or an illustration, or all three. Yeah, this is for all of you who want a story and a feature in a video I post on my YouTube channel. Or, if you like to show off your skills, you can always see the instructions for submission here and present your work to the world.

Don’t you think this is a great deal? Subscribe, share, follow, like, reblog, join my Cyber Corpse and march to glory.

Hey, you just might get a piece of my novel I am working on in English. Yeah, I plan on posting all edited few paragraphs of my first novel “Dronstad – the Quaranteen”. First, it will go public on Patreon, and if I am persuaded, I might send you in an email.

I could also let you see a few memes and other things I am working on. You never know how I can surprise you.

For a little trouble like donating 3$, 5$ or 10$ you can get access to all of my custom made stories and poems on Patreon. Hey, have I mentioned that I make poems too. And let’s not forget about stories full of action or maybe erotica. U-la-la. Yeah, you can get that if you want, because you decide on the genre, setting, character name and more.

Now, if you donate 50$… Whoa boy, you get everything and more. Have in mind that the “Golden Commander” tier is reserved only for 5 fanatic Patrons. They get absolutely EVERYTHING on that platform.

Spread the word.


Hey kid, you wanna some daily free stuff from me? Look on my Facebook and Twitter for lots of free content.


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