Night time blabbering 265

Someone was praying for my health all too much because I am all good now. Yesterday, I had 38.7 Celsius or better said 101.3 Farenhide, I had a bad case of… um… stool. It just wasn’t my day really. Today, another story. No headache, not temperature, nothing, like it didn’t happen. Yes, I had to take a pill and run it through my system, eject everything through the sweat and now I am a 0K.

And how did this resulted in my productivity, you might ask? Well, let me tell you a story. It all began when I was born. The day was lovely, the birds were chirping, the Sun was at its peak and a fresh breeze blew from the mountains, bringing the scent of flowers into the village. I’m joking. I rewrote and edited 3 stories today, scheduled that “K9” poem I promised and soon I will post that poem on my YouTube channel so everybody can enjoy it.

Tomorrow is still undecided on what will I do then. I could be working on my novel, yes, I wrote a novel, and I am saying this because I don’t know if you are new here or a regular Commander in Quill.

Or I will be working on this collection of short stories, the little project I plan to publish, you know, the best from this blog.

Maybe I’ll take a pause, start some reading, as I said I haven’t decided yet.

Yeah, thanks for your kind wishes from the last night. Whatever you did, it worked.

Look, Kitten!!!



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