Night time blabbering 264

I got sick, again. Whenever my sister visits with her kids, I get the flu or some virus, it’s becoming tedious. I hate it.

So, feeling like complete shit and all, I managed to edit one part of my novel, sort it out and sent it to my editor. He will do the corrections, add suggestions and many more things. Me, I will go over that text again and make sure the changes are adopted. There are about 80 more pages to be reviewed and after this exhausting job, we send this to a professional who will do the final tweaking. This is the plan for now.

Working on a collection of short stories I plan publishing is on halt for now. I’ll get back to that as soon the coast is clear and I am at my usual self.

If you hoped for a poem, that goes tomorrow. Can’t wait to see your reactions. I predict it will be very positive. Some of you read it on my Patreon, but now, you will read it here for free.

I’m off to get some sleep.


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