Nevada Resurrection on Patreon

Here it is, all edited and ready for you to read it.

“Get ready to embark a cruiser and head for the UFO coming towards the Moon. Space Marshal Silani is taking his crew to the void. Planetary weapons stand ready, he knows this could be his last mission, but he is frightened for his crew. Nobody knows the danger they are about to get into. This must be done for the well-being of Earth and its mining colonies around Saturn. The mass of the enemy object is easily throwing a shadow on the mission’s future. A grim danger waits in the void, slowly approaching the Earth.

What will he find? Who is on the enemy ship? Is it hostile? Get ready to find out.

This post comes with a critique of the story and little explanation of what I tried to achieve with it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it for you.

Please use the comments, that like button, and then if you want to socialize, feel free to look at my Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.”

Nevada story                                       Nevada story and critique

For every new Patron, I create a custom story, an illustration and make a video of it, either an audio short story or an illustration tutorial.

You can name the characters, set the plot twist and the setting where a story takes place.

You have another option. You can send your stories or poems to me and I’ll make an audios short story from it, post it on my channel and leave your links in the video.

See the rules of submission here.

Nevada 2aaaa


4 thoughts on “Nevada Resurrection on Patreon

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  2. You’re having a lot of good ideas… have you thought of Instagram? I don’t have an account (I mean, I have one but I don’t follow up…), but it looks like it works best with this sort of thing… just saying…

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