Rules of submission (must read)

Welcome to my site. I am Shawn and I will be reading your stories, edit the videos and post them on my YouTube channel. I am doing everything by myself, so I’d like to ask you for some patience. Also, I need to get some things clear.

With a submission, you renounce your rights of the story/poem for the relinquishment of copyright. I am just informing you about it because I’d like to avoid any copyright strike/claim. This process is irreversible, so if you don’t want your story to be read and posted on my channel, don’t send it. However, I allow you to stop the posting of the story/poem before it goes public, but not after that.

With sending your story/poem, you’ve come to term of conduct where you provide me with the content and I have to read, record, edit and post the audios story/poem on my channel with all of the references to the author of the original content and its social links. In other words, I will promote your work and you as an author.

You should see this as a passive way to enter a platform like YouTube. With your stories on that platform, you will present your writing skills to the world. Me? I am the one who will share that with the public, ask them to follow whatever link you give me and in that way we both are entertaining the audience. I think we got that clear.

The stories I post on my channel are not going to be monetized, therefore I am not making a dime off your work. If I do get a video monetized, it will be my own.

I think this is fair, but if you don’t agree, please, contact me via social links in this post so we can find mutual ground and solve the problem.

Content rules

Here is a table of rules you have to fulfill in order to get your story/poem posted on my channel.

Page 1

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Country
  • Short bio (300-word count or less)
  • Your social links
  • Contact info

Page 2

  • Name of the story or a poem
  • Story or a poem

Font: Times New Roman, 12

Headline: Times New Roman, 20, Bold

Use standard margins in the document. Add your name and contact info in the Header. Name your document appropriately.

Advice 1

Make sure the story is well written and it doesn’t require additional editing. Take your time and write it well. I will read it a few times and offer you some suggestions if I find a problem with the story. It’s not mentoring, its just an effort to bring in the best from the story/poem. That is also your work and you want people to enjoy in quality content. If people love your story, they will surely look for more by clicking on the links I leave in a description for the video of your story/poem. That’s the plan, to make people get interested in your work.

Stories and poems that don’t meet the standard will be returned for further editing and a do-over. I am not going to post something that goes against the YouTube policy and guidelines. Have that in mind when you write the story or a poem.

Advice 2

When writing, make sure the story has a message. We don’t want to write for no reason. We want to share something important and possibly educate the audience. Stay away from the political messages and propaganda. I’ll allow some dose of intrigue, and that will be discussed before I accept to make a video about your story or poem. We can work together in making a great story that most people will enjoy it. This is our goal.

What am I looking for

I have no preference of genres. Your content can be of any genre as long it’s not advocating a criminal act. Yes, some action is allowed, but please, don’t go into details and gore parts. Keep it PG13.

Write tension, horror, fiction, romance, drama, cyberpunk, techno-noir, steampunk, dieselpunk, military fiction, epic fantasy, tales, thriller, contemporary fiction, prose,  comedy, anything you like. I’ll read it.

You can try some experimental forms, a mixture of genres, subgenres and pretty much anything. I love those because they are very innovative and interesting.

Submission rules

In the subject ribbon, write your name and the name of the story/poem you are sending.

In the body of an email, tell me a joke, a funny thing that happened to you, a philosophy on life, meme, do what you like. Add your name, contact info, and social links. If there is a problem with the text, I want to reach you somehow and establish a connection with you.

Send your story/poem in the attachment in a .doc, .docx file.

Email address to submit:

I wish you happy writing and a creative muse hanging in your shoulder. If she is absent, I am here to take her place. But I am sure you’ll manage somehow.

Consider following my Facebook or Twitter. I post there regularly.

Reading is not your thing? Well, you can always listen to my audio short stories on my YouTube channel. Keep your eye on this channel, your story might be next.

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If you are a blogger… Do I really need to tell you to follow me and get all of the stories in written form and audio versions?

Reblog, share with your friends, like, subscribe, tell everyone. Let’s get going people.

And follow my new blog. This one is dedicated only to your stories.


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  1. Of course you can. I am going to delete your comment from this post. It business intended so I don’t want to leave no personal drama on it. But you can always share any of my post. If needed, I can make more for your cause.


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