Night time blabbering 258

The story should be posted tomorrow if something else doesn’t cut in the way. I am being overwhelmed with editing and I am really grinding my gears against the floor to get it done. Why am I in a rush? I am not. I just don’t want to have it levitating over my head for so long. I learned to finish what I started and now I feel an obligation to end this.

I am 50 pages away from completion and if I have time, I’ll be working on that whenever I have the chance. Along with this editing, I will make pauses to write a story I promised. As I write this, my brain is doing the hard part and that is to set the stage for the characters I have chatting in my mind. You must think I went crazy, but let me ask you another thing. Have you ever seen a sane writer? Hm, I thought so.

There is another feeling making a turmoil in my not-sane brain. I can’t put a finger on it, but it’s like I missed something, some task, some chore, something is out of place. I get to the point I forget my daily plan and just waste my time in nothing.

Yesterday, I watched the whole second season of the Marvel’s Punisher and wrote an essay on it for the Association I work for. I hope they like it and publish that article as soon as possible while the subject is still hot.

I may be home alone tomorrow so I will have some peace and quiet to do a few videos and jump-start the channel. There really is a lot to be done, a lot of stories and ideas and everything is taking speed. This is a real problem for me. It seems that either I work all of the time, or have nothing to do and just wait for the next wave of ideas to write about.

You can call that an anxiety, but I am not sure that’s what I have. I am not panicking, I am just discomforted by something, I don’t know what, or why. Maybe this is me being me, or it’s just time limit pressing on me to do everything on time.

“Digital Prophet” goes public tomorrow. I don’t care if it’s the last thing I do, the story is coming out and it’s made by your request. Watch out.



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