VIDEO tutorial of ‘K9’ poem illustration

Today, I bring you a video that was made by the inspiration of a ‘K9’ poem I made for my Patreon. In the video, I am showing you the process of making an illustration and the mistakes while working.

This is the first out of many videos that will be done this way and an opening of a new segment of my YouTube channel.

My intentions with making this video are to bring some diversity to my content and give a bit more stuff you can watch until I post the next story. This is also my way of bringing your behind the stage and showing you what it takes to make an illustration. I think it’s a fun material with an educational purpose.

Many times we see the final product and it is hard to comprehend how much time is invested in making it. This sort of videos brings in the picture of what it takes to make a simple illustration. The coloring is a totally different sort of a story that would demand days if not a week of work. If I do decide to add color, be sure that won’t be recorded as it will be a time demanding feat I couldn’t follow through without putting a 5-hour long video 300 times speeded up.

If you watch the video closely, it took me an hour to make an illustration and all of that was compressed to 5-minute run time.

If you like this content and you’d like to see more, I’d advise you to be patient. I have more videos ready to be uploaded.

Now, I am considering the same type of video, but with a twist. I’d be recording my process of writing a story so you could see how that goes. Have in mind that I don’t do an outline when I start writing and to narrate it, I have no adequate tools to do it. This means that you’d just stare at the screen and try to figure out what am I writing without context that was previously devised to create a story. You won’t be able to see the thought process and the idea that ignited the writing. I may think of something in the later projects.

Without further stalling, here is the video. Please, tell me what do you think about it. I’d really like to hear from you.


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If you want to read the poem, it is on my Patreon, and if you are not financially stable like me, you can wait until February 3. 2019 when my poem goes public on my blog with an addition to a thought process and critique of this poem.


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