Night time blabbering 253

I made a video today of me doing an illustration for a story I have pending for posting. I decided to put it on Patreon. I am pleased with how it turned out. The video is around 30 minutes long. As it turns out, I do enjoy these illustration videos more than me doing an audio story.

I don’t know, I don’t like my voice that much and I think I am not doing as good the of a job. I am in lack of a better quality of narration, most of the time I sound frigid, stiff or I try too hard to make a good sentence. Sometimes, I struggle with finding a different voice for a different character or even worse, I mix two voices for the same character. It’s awful.

Today, I was a success. I did something and I think it is productive. Tonight, I may force myself on making more material for the channel, the plan is to read a story. Ugh, I am not happy about it, but I made a decision that I’ll be doing this for some time until I realize that: either this isn’t for me, or that this is what I actually can do.

If my channel fails, I won’t be sad about it. I knew I gave my best and that is it. I tried and it didn’t work, so when someone says to me that I should make a YouTube channel, I know what I will say to them.

‘Codename Crucifix’ story is over and I will post all of it in one place so you can read it in one sitting and don’t chase it all over the blog. That was also the plan from the beginning, two posts a day is quite enough.

What else… Oh yeah, I need to post a story from my Patreon, the one that had an Illustration dedicated to Michael. Yeah, that was fun. I haven’t recorded that process and I am very sorry for it. That was a lot of fun.

Here is a segment. The story is still on my Patreon.

Immortals promo

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