Night time blabbering 252

Tomorrow is the finale of the story “Codename: Crucifix”. It was kinda fun and a bit thrilling to do it. I’ll link all parts into one long post and categorize it in the short story segment.

That’s it. No more prolonging the story. The end… Well, you are going to hate me. It will make a mark on you. It’s a harsh reality and this is a topic that should be talked about in length.

Now, using a school shooting as a starting segment of this story made me really skeptic on how you’ll receive it. I expected you to pull back from it, but my stats show you guys really went for it. I am so glad you have an open mind to new ideas, even if they are potential ‘no go zone’.

My next story is going down a notch, so it’s more adventurous than this one. It’s something to clear the mind and have a thoughtless read. And I plan an intriguing plot, so it’s not as thrilling like Crucifix was, but more deep and spiritual. You’ll see.

Tomorrow, I plan to post a video, a tutorial of my making an illustration for the K9 poem I posted on Patreon. I may let you see it around this time tomorrow, or post it separately. I haven’t decided yet.

New ideas and projects are lining up. I planned to make another video of me working on an illustration for another story that I made. I haven’t decided if that story will go to my blog, or wait for a month to end up on my Patreon. And then there is the second story that I’ve made about spies. Also thrilling, laconic conversation, brutally dark and real movie material. You already know how I write.

Still, haven’t decided on what will I do with that ‘Rain journal entry‘ story that I made. I’ll try finding a solution as quickly as I can.


I also have a YouTube channel where I post audio stories. Subscribe if you’d like.


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