Night time blabbering 251

The first part of the story always gets a lot of dust in the air. It sort of explains that I should stick to the standalone stories and do more of those. Hey, this is according to my statistics.

But this story is not over and I have one more long story waiting to be made. Now, that one is a big shift from the genre I usually do.

Plans are quite simple. I make this story and then I get onto the other. This other one will be… Hmm, a story about a little guy turning into something beyond compare. A lot of spiritual stuff, of course – military environment, plot twists and more.

The 4th part of Codename: Crucifix is set to be published tomorrow in the usual time. And while you read that; I will be working on a text meant to be published on a site I am working for. It is into sci-fi so you might not be that interested in that. And it is my native so you won’t understand it. Sorry.

But hey, I am just reporting what am I up to.

And yeah, I’d like to know, how do you like the current story? Any thoughts on it? Am I stepping over the line or is it as it should be? I saw no comments and critique in the past 2 days. I’m worried.

And Kitten is dying to know woo. It’s not just me.


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5 thoughts on “Night time blabbering 251

  1. I have to admit to reservations, but that’s because I don’t normally read stories like it. We all have categories that appeal to us, and some things that we go out on a limb for, and i find the story confronting – but that’s me. Some stories are confronting, and need to be …
    I’m reading it, and seeing things that could improve the flow or sequencing, and trying hard not to focus on the underlying context. That’s just me.

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