Codename: Crucifix (part 3)


Scarlet’s heels clapped in long pauses. She was reluctant to approach the door. Who knows what kind of a maniac took the school hostage. She knew he was a teen who liked arts, games and currently – guerilla tactics.

Some sort of ghostly cold radiated from the door frame, must be the appeal of metal reinforcement they’ve built in case something like happens kept her away. The security failed at protecting the school. Shots were fired and nobody knows who got injured. It fell on her to find out.

Once more, she checked if her cleavage is showing enough. She hated to be the bate, try to seduce a minor, but boys minds are easily tricked. Numerous cases of a teacher sleeping with their student haven’t made the idea slide with ease. This will buy time for the bomb squad to dismantle a device in the West wing and barge in.

That was the danger part. This boy was smart enough to secure the weak spot. What if that is a trap? He would lose all gained trust in her and this situation could go on for days.

She exhaled, standing at the foot of the stairs and saw a masked police officer aiming at the door. Sniper teams were hidden, but she knew they were there, waiting for a clear shot.

 “Special Agent Hail. We have a thermal signature in the hall. He is there.” The Captain said on the radio. “Stop near the frame. He might shoot. And don’t block the line of fire.” He added and Scarlet confirmed.

She went up and again, her legs stopped moving. The lights went on in the school when the signal for that was issued and she could see an empty hall littered with paper, sides secured with furniture stacked to the ceiling.

“Hello!” She shouted and tried to find the assailant in the room. “My name is Scarlet Hail. I’ve been sent to talk to you. Can you show yourself?” She leaned over and set her face in between the palms laid on glass, but the target hasn’t shown up.

“Your snipers are blind when I stand here.” The deep voice replied and then she spotted a speaker on the desk and a camera’s red light blinking.

“Now that is smart. You’ve built yourself a command center. Now you can have contact with us, but not really be in the same room. You also have a visual on the door if anyone tries to get in.” Scarlet smiled, complimented the lunatic to soften him. “I assume this is rigged to go off when you press the switch?” She pointed at the box tied for the doorknob. “Can you tell me… why? Why all of this?” She crossed her hands over the bulletproof vest and made her breasts go up a little bit, luring his eyes to be fixed on her and not on the West wing where he probably had another camera set in place.

“Violence is not an answer until you are only left with violence as an answer.” He said.

“So, you think violence is the answer?” She realized she had to move, distract him and give enough time to the bomb squad to find a way to get in.

“There are two separate groups of people. Smart and assholes. Assholes have a different way of thinking than smart people. Smart people are being silenced by the dumb majority who is vociferous enough to suppress the intelligent thought. Assholes are fluent in violence and the only thing they do understand is violence. It is useless to argue with an idiot.” The voice… was full of hate.

“If I stop talking to you, that would make you an idiot. Clearly, you are unable to be reasoned with. You gave in to violence. I mean, that’s what you said.” She laughed at it.

“Please, keep talking. I am amused by ignorance.” He replied chuckling.

“Scarlet. The Sergeant found a way to disassemble the bomb. Keep him occupied.” The Captain noted on the radio.

“What do you want to talk about? Would you like me to tell you about your parents and how shaken they are? Or tell you about the parents whose children you have tied up in their classrooms and what are they thinking of you? I can tell you how is this going to end. For an example, you can starve here for days until you become weak and become susceptible to illusions your undernourished brain starts playing with you. Eventually, we will come in there and when we do, be sure it will be guns blazing.” Scarlet knocked one of her eyebrows, training her authority over a boy.

“We have food to last us a week.” He added.

“Us? How thoughtful. You brought the food for all you in there.” She leaned in to let him see her two lumps squeezed together.

“And a forty pounds of plastic explosive your men are trying to disconnect.” This, petrified her.

“Abort! Abort! Stop, god damn it!” The Captain screamed into the radio.

Police officers rushed for the Scarlet and snatched her away from the door. She was on the floor with the other policemen, shaking in fear for her life as the bomb could go off any moment, but instead of a bang, they hear the boy laughing.

Everybody slowly backed up to the safe distance. Scarlet’s legs had trouble finding a firm ground to stand on and her lips could never be fully closed. Shimmer held her for a few hours, all the way through the Captains lecture about picking the words to address the attacker.

As soon she gets a grip, she will give it another shot. She must inspire his trust and see what is she dealing with. One hour later, her heels were again at the door.

crucifix dronstad story


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