Codename: Crucifix (part 2)


Special Agent Scarlet Hail sat by the table in the garden of a fast-food joint. Bunch of technicians and Special Unit Operators patrolled by. She focused on the front door of a school where a troubled boy held the pupil’s hostage.

By the territory he locked down, it was clear he was working alone. The door on the west wing was barred and obstructed with desks and chairs. He wrapped a box over the handles. One pull could activate the charge he filled the box with, so that was five specialists guarded post.

Windows, they were taped with layers of paper. Before the police cut the power, they could see a shadow on the window, stretched like on a crucifix – touching the frames of a window. To enter, they would have to injure the hostage. That plan went in the bin. East wing was a serpentine of corridors. Every angle had a pile of desks made for cover. To get in there, the specialists would be in a narrow throat, so the defender would easily overpower them.

A tactical shield could be an answer to get close to him, but the sniper teams located sensors and trip wires linked with the doors. To enter, it would be a walk in a death trap.

And he hasn’t made contact yet. Could it be that he doesn’t want anything from the police? But why then closing in the school? Why so silent? He must want something. Something made him do this or someone.

“The technicians came back from his home.” The Captain said, used a brief pause to get something warm in his belly.

“What did they found?” Scarlet moved her head in a worried manner and the Captain could see her pearly neck, cleavage and tight pants showing her build.

“Well, the library card says he is into guerilla warfare. Vietnam War. Now, those guys knew some tricks. He also has a field manual for a saboteur printed during the Cold War on his table. The kid knows his stuff. He deleted his web search. Of course, he did. He prepared for months.”

“Alright, he is a quiet, antisocial kinda guy. He likes art and building stuff. He has no friends and those he has probably driven him into this state of mind. He is not into sports. He is a gamer. We have no personal trait of his. We know nothing about him, personally.” Scarlet proclaimed like she has already given up the hope when the Captain chuckled.

“I have a teenage son. They are all pretty much the same in those years. Show him a naked girl and a boring class and see for what he will reach first.” The Captain said and Scarlet smiled. “I guess he searched a lot for porn and maybe a tutorial on how to make a trap. Those are quite popular searches. With the internet, they can learn pretty much anything they got their curiosity fixed on. If I were you, I’d unbutton one more button of your shirt, put my hair over the shoulders and get my tone more feminine. Also, I’d use a ton of that sweet girly perfumes, you know the kind… The scent of ten-buck hookers. I’d stimulate his brain out of touch and get our men to defuse the west wing.” The Captain took a sip from the plastic cup and looked at the building lit by searchlights while Scarlet buried her eyes in her bra, evaluating the advice.

“That could backfire. He never had a girlfriend and he is into books. I might not interest him as much as you think.” Scarlet added and the Captain nodded.

“So, he likes his girls smart. You are an adult. You must be smarter than him. Smart and hot? He would be a fool to pass on that.” The Captain had another sip of coffee. “You should also know he’s an emotional young man.” He added, and an Agent Hail squinted her eyes at him.

“How do you know that?” She asked running her nails through the hair.

“We cracked open his profile on the X-Box. If he is a gamer, he is a lousy one. At first, I found it strange, because he has a lot of gamer friends on his profile. But why then being friends with a looser, right? Gamers are a special breed of people. As it turns out, he never played offense. He always chose to be a medic in the team.”

This was a personal trait she was looking for. Now, it’s time to act.

crucifix dronstad story

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