Rain journal entry 11

Year: 3180

Location: USS Sapphire, approaching Sirius, Space

ID: 4112 48  522

Finally, we made it through a meteor shower and came out the other end. Known to be a dead star, Sirius was in ruins with magma veins still pumping through the star’s core. A vast cloud of gas was thick enough to make a protective barrier for the Oregon base in a dead center of the void. This way, Oregon had something watching their back.

This gas cloud was taking a rotation, pulling debris into itself, carving traces in the space. In few thousand years, this will become a new star – Sirius Minor.

We glided down and came closer to Oregon. Two long tentacles were holding it fixed for the rogue piece of dirt. I pulled the lever and the Sapphire turned upside down to connect with the base.

Last two months, I was trying to slow us down, maxed out the thrusters so that we could gently slide in the defensive region of Oregon.

Captain Claydon grunted all of the time I was battling the ship’s commands. He didn’t like me doing my stunts with the ship, not in this condition. I wonder if he would have the same opinion if I questioned his dormitory cycle? Fucking prick.

The metal crank and the USS Sapphire docked Oregon. The Mechanic brought Steve back to his seat and told him to sync with the outer countermeasures of the base, so we just became a gunship.

“How does the base look like to you?” Claydon leaned over my shoulder and whispered while frowning at the silver bolt in front f us.

“Now, you care about what I think?” I smirked and he cut me with his killer eyes. “It a relic. To much damage to sustain the mass of men we have onboard. We lost over 400 000 soldiers. A couple more thousand in the travel, so we have around 70 000 men. That is way too much for this place.”

“Sapphire is in a better state than this old junk.” He looked over the base. “It’s late to change our minds now.” He tapped me.

“It was late as soon we entered the hibernation capsules on Earth,” I replied and we all got moving to meet our new Commander.

Soldiers Rain Dronstad

4 thoughts on “Rain journal entry 11

  1. Wordsmith! 📚 Excellent story. Quite imaginative. I like how you make your characters personable and my favorite line “Known to be a dead star, Sirius was in ruins with magma veins still pumping through the star’s core.” It reminds me of a drawing I created not long ago. Great job! 🔥

    Liked by 1 person

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