Night time blabbering 238

I am exporting a video as we speak. It could be a bit pretentious of me to say that this one is better than others. The plan for this one is to post it soon because it is preferable to the story I posted not long ago. Yesterday, I edited it to the proper length. I had trouble to make it more compact because I had big pauses in reading and interpreting different characters. Yes, I am doing my own voice-overs. It sucks if you ask me, but I am pleased I am able to make everything from scratch. I could ask somebody for help, but that way I’ll be dependent on that person to provide me with quality and people can be forgettable.

If I do everything by myself, I am independent of others. I think I have the right picture in my mind. Maybe I am wrong. You tell me. Should I broaden my YouTube staff and put my trust in people to do what I ask of them?

YouTube is seriously a different world, far more different from WordPress. There are so many rules, so many guidelines, so much to learn and one wrong click can bury your career. It is a risk I am willing to take and see how far it will take me.

I got a copyright claim but left to use the melody in ‘Girl in the window’ story. It’s in the ending. Look for ‘Prince Igor’ in your YouTube search to hear the tune. I fell in love with it on the first hearing. So beautiful.

I edited a video and tomorrow I am editing text. When I’ll film more content, is a question that lingers in the air.



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