Night time blabbering 237

I worked on a video, finished up the editing on a piece of the novel, published a tutorial on how I write my stories (I hope you got some value out of it) and I am ready to see a movie and go to sleep.

My cold is being unreasonable with me. I keep taking meds, but the temperature keeps coming back. I haven’t had enough sleep last night, so my eye-pockets are really showing. I look like a freakin’ junky now. It’s frustrating. I am making pauses, I slowed down with the editing, writing, and everything else that I’ve been doing, but I still can’t make myself pause. For some fucked up reason, I wake up early and just roll in my bed, waiting for the sunrise to get out of bed.

The daily routine is going great. Before I hit the sheets, I have the outline of what I want to do the next day. Maybe that is keeping me awake, the knowledge about the projects I got going on. Damn it. I am a moron.

I can’t help it though. When you write all of the time, you get addicted to it. It’s true. Ask anybody who writes. It will tell you the same.

Well, I am completely screwed. I just hope your life is a bit better. Knowing that it is, might actually help me sleep better.

I know you’ve been missing the Kitten. I haven’t let you feast your eyes on that little cyborg kitty I’ve found on the internet. Look at the color of her eyes. So adorable.



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