Lock & Load 4 – Help me get published

New story, is up in mine Patreon. It’s a post-apocalyptic story with a healthy dose of realism. The main genre is sci-fi with elements of western. The plot is taking place in the USA, where our hero is trying to survive and deal with the extraordinary situation he is in.

How would a life on Earth look like if we would live forever, become the immortals? My suggestion is – not great. We grew accustomed to so many great things, it might just turn against us and be the cause of our doom.

Without a natural predator and with the absence of death, the population would become a cancer of the world, festering our beautiful planet. The answer to that problem? Well, you’d have to read the story.

Drax Sly is a Lawmaker, an agent tasked with population control. His life is miserable at best, yet he doesn’t let that get to him in a way it got many. He still recalls the good old days when everything was in order. With the population boom, the staggering birthrate and the fact that nobody could die of natural causes, he is the one who feels the bad side of immortality.

Illustration for the story is dedicated to Michael. He is a great guy with witty limericks and breathtaking stories. Consider visiting his blog and be amazed by his writing skills.

You can read the story here for 3$. If you’d like my critique on it and clarification on the motives and explanation of why I am presenting the story like that, you can read all about it here for 5$.

If you join any of the higher entry tiers, you’ll have the access to all of my stuff posted on Patreon.

Also, I’ve added the First Chapter of my novel Dronstad – the Quarantine. It will cost about 50$, which is high, but you’ll get the custom story, illustration with you picking the name, the plot, the setting, and everything else. Also, you’ll be getting access to everything I posted there, which is about 5 stories and illustrations.

If not able to become my Patron, you’ll help me a lot by sharing this post on social media, reblog, comment and maybe making a post on its own about my work. Don’t forget that reading and critiquing my stories can be of even bigger help than actually donating.

All of my work will eventually end up on my blog where you can read it for FREE. To get notified when that is going to happen, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Take care.




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