Rains journal entry 9

Year: 3180

Location: USS Sapphire, en route to Sirius, Space

ID: 4112 48  522

A month passed. I was taken with the daily training so that my body stays fit and my bones don’t crumble. Piloting, controlling our speed and fighting others was the rest of the day and during the night, we guarded our asses against the horny medic in the team.

“I am not your slave to use me whenever you want!” The P.A.S. Private stood at the door, crying and holding his blade pointed at us.

“Fucking, kill the dog!” I shouted and the Captain frowned.

“Leave him be. He’s just losing his mind from the Hell we are in.” He waved away and got back to his seat, like everybody else and left him to cry mercilessly on the floor.

“Um, are we hauling a ship behind us?” Navigator asked staring at the console.

“Now. We haven’t had anything in our back. Why?” The Captain leaned his head in an ordinary manner.

A hit shook us up. The screen was taken with the image of a scary looking ship M-class. The markings on it showed us it was one of our own, but without the panels, it looked like a skeleton.

“To battle stations! This is the old one. Try hailing them.” The Captain ordered the girl who navigated the ship, but she had no reply.

Their technology was old and their radio module was broken. The initial scan of their ship informed us about the people in the ship, their history and combat mission. It was the last century military destroyer with ten thousand men crew. For a small ship like this, his mission was to intercept the enemy squadron and blast them in pieces. The long journey made them religious fanatics. Just a few capsules in their bowls were left in hibernation, others were empty.

Red marks on their ship were not the paint. It was blood from the sacrifices they’ve given to their new God, whoever that was. Their directive is long forgotten, therefore they acted hostile towards everything they’ve found gliding in the void. We must’ve looked like aliens to them with advanced technology on us.

“Fuck.” I gasped. “The Crusaders.” I turned towards the Captain and he easily waved at the Mechanic.

“Let Steve loose on them.” He added and the Mechanic nodded.

He took the autistic, wailing guy to his position and Steve fought to get to his seat. I listen to his mad grunts, looked him twitching his head and shaking hands, pitied the guy who suffered damage in his hibernation dormitory training cycle.

To my surprise, he changed his behavior into a perfectly calm person of great patience. The Mechanic grinned at Steve, encouraged him to do he was being trained for.

“Go on Steve. Murder them. Come on, you can do it, boy.” He tapped Steve and the madman spread his fingers over the controls.

Before the second shot from the fanatic ship was fired, our drones swarmed outside and took a pattern. Leading them high and over, Steve employed our war contraptions to rain fire over the destroyer. It was magic to look at him go. The effectiveness of his operations was staggeringly high.

He sawed them in half, demolished their supplies compartment, blew off their command center, disrupted their weapon system, cut off their power, smacked their drive propulsion and concentrated the drones aim at the middle of the ship.

The ship’s reactor exploded and everything turned to shards and pieces. The Crusader ship was no more and we could continue our journey in peace.

Steve got out of his chair and started wailing again, like the Steve behind the guns and Steve shiting himself in the corner were two separate people.

A chill ran up my spine, while I tried to maintain our course.

Soldiers Rain Dronstad

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