Night time blabbering 235

Hm, I finished that part of the novel, sent it to my editors for further analysis and corrected the piece they gave me in return. In two days, I’ll start the next piece and so on. Right now, we have about 50 pages done and we are not even in the middle. However, if we keep working like this, I am estimating a month or two to finish up the job.

I am getting ready to publish a new story on my Patreon. This one is really good. It’s nothing like you read before from me.

It is a sci-fi story with elements of western. I haven’t really let myself to go wild with the science part, but I stayed focused on the realism and effect of what living forever can do to us. It’s a bittersweet story. Also, it’s brutal to the core, thought-provoking piece that will surely challenge your beliefs. I can’t wait to post it here in January. Yeah, sorry, but you’ll need to wait.

I have Pandora’s Flame for you. It will come out soon. And after that, there is Her Bed, a story from my blog that I salvaged and made into a really good story. Now that one is overly sexual, but with the right reason. You’ll see it. It will be free here.

Few days after that, I plan to post my videos on YouTube and if I catch some time, I’ll make a few more videos. So many plans and projects, but I do enjoy this.

No Kitten for tonight, but I’ll leave you with a snippet from the story.

Immortals promo

P.S. You’ll also get my critique of the story or an insight f how I got the idea, made the story and explanation of the symbolism. 

If you want to help me get published, you can do that on my Patreon account.

And if you are not in a great financial situation, you can always read my stuff here, and get notified when I post new stuff on Facebook and Twitter.


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