Night time blabbering 233

0K, so the Rain journal entry series is taking a lot of parts to be told. I haven’t even gotten to the good part when our hero Rain reaches his destination, fights the aliens and get in the world of problems. Hm, I am seriously torn between finding an alternative end to this story or keep going. If I stop it in let’s say, two more parts, I could move onto the next project, another story etc. But if I stay on this road, I could really go long with it and make a novella. So far, every part had about 400 words give or take. Multiply that with 7 parts, and you get about 2 100 words. So, my mission is to go a bit more, reach 7 500. This is the maximum length of a short story. It means that I am halfway there. Well, not really, but it’s more than any other standalone I’ve done so far.

You decide! What will it be?

A) Look for a way to end the story

B) Keep writing as long as I have an inspiration

I made a progress with my novel editing. I have around 8 more parts to do and send them to my editors for a further analysis. They’ll remove all the unnecessary parts, correct my grammar, fill in the plot holes, fix the times I write in, give thought to the story and what I could do more to make it the best I can.

Also, I make pauses. I have eye pockets deep enough to rock the kangaroos in them, but I keep going. Have you seen the movie Peppermint with Jennifer Garner as the leading character? I strongly recommend. It doesn’t have the cliches as any other action film, and the story is done so well. You can feel the tension within the scene, and have I mentioned that Jennifer Garner is such a great actress? I loved her in Alias. Electra was fun, but the Kirsten Prout was a real surprise in that.

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing some videos, so I have something to go with the next month. Patreon is up and running, slowly, but running. It would help if you could reblog, make a post about my blog, my goals, and stories that I do. And if it’s too much for you right now, I understand.



10 thoughts on “Night time blabbering 233

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      • My rule of thumb is to end the story at a point after the main character has tested their mettle – defeated the bad-guy when it looked like all was lost, learned something from the journey, and triumphed in more than one area of his life … earned respect, suffered the loss of ego and come through, saved something worthwhile saving …
        I have plans (not that they end up following the plan, but …), and the main character has to achieve something both inner and outer before their story can close (at this stage).
        … over to you, general.

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      • I do the same. That’s what matters in the story. Something must be defeated and something learned. Without those two, there is no a complete story. In the case of Rain, his cruise could be the one thing he must overcome, survive. But I had plans in bringing in the aliens and so much more to it.

        I’ll just keep writing and see where does it go. Thanks for your insight into the writing process.

        It’s weird of how much you and I think alike. 😀

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  2. I vote keep going. It is a general rule: follow the muse. If inspiration is flowing and you have an unfolding story, follow it to its natural end. When the story is told, you can always rework it, if the result is less than satisfactory. Maybe you find you have not a novella, but a novel? Maybe…

    Best of luck or should I say, “Break a leg?”

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