Rain journal entry 3

Year. 3089

Location: Fort Ember, Global United States, Earth

ID: 4112 48  522

This is my final entry on Earth.

A couple of scientists in plastic suits came for me. One of them showed me the way and I stood up. The corridor was full of naked soldiers, peacefully waiting their turn in a line.

I heard shouting in the bottom of the hall. A soldier screamed and ran out.

“Fuck you! I don’t want to go! Help me! Help!”

He fell down and scientists came after him, tased him and smacked him in the back of the head. The crowd laughed. Nervous boys.

I entered a room with more plastic-wrapped nerds with two giant marines in exoskeleton waiting by the capsule. A base general sat in the corner, smoked and read the documents.

“Lieutenant Rain. Any last words before we ship you off to the Orion belt?” He asked puffing smoke.

“Don’t misplace my capsule,” I replied while doctors injected me with the gene activators.

I stepped inside the crate and laid down.

“We won’t.” He said. “I see you’ve picked up an interesting ‘dormant feed cycle’. When you wake up, you’ll be trained for a second pilot. Others are scheduled to become the reserve personnel. Mechanics, workers, maintenance guys, gunners, that sort of stuff. I took the time to add a few more skills to your profile. Seventy years are enough for your subconscious to pick up the necessary knowledge about tactics and melee combat. You’ll find that your body is slightly deformed. You’ll lose some weight.” He added.

“Good. I tried to get in shape.” I said.

“You know your mission?” He leaned over the top and looked at me.

“Find the enemy. Kill the enemy.” I replied when the capsule started hissing and hinges locked.

“I’ll add that too.” He smiled and pointed his cigarette at me. “Godspeed Lieutenant Rain. Sleep tight.” A dose of smugness to send me off was not expected from this son of a gun.

Cool air started filling the box and I felt sinking into darkness.


Soldiers Rain Dronstad


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