Brotherhood (Poem)


The day I was called, was the very day I departed,

I paused in front of the mirror, feeling heavyhearted.

„Have courage, have faith, be brave and stay strong,

The war has begun and you know that’s wrong. “


Grandparents were weak, found them laying in bed,

With a shivering hand and raspy voice they’ve said:

“Give them hell. Be good and make the family proud.

Protect the fatherland, and sing our hymn out loud.”


History of my people, has been written in blood,

With a grunt and a gasp, the words came out of my dad.

„Stay safe, take care of your friends – my only son,

So you can come home, when the war is won. “


A loaf of bread, a piece of cheese and a bottle of water,

Was packed in the bag I received from my mother.

„Write wherever you are, stay warm and send me a letter,

So I’ll know you are alright, healthy and I can feel better. “


Wiping the tears off, I turned towards my younger sis,

Who smiled at me and punched my shoulder with a fist.

“It’s so surreal. I can’t believe I’ll miss your stupid face.

With you leaving, you take all the fun from this place. ”


My babe whimpered, waiting for me at the crossroad bend.

The boys growled in the bus, while she cried in my hand.

“I feel so vulnerable, so small and scared – my dear love.

I will wait and pray for your return to all the angels above. “


Commands rushed us outside and we swiftly formed a dash,

Where the clad Sergeant stood, frowned at us and gnashed.

We stood silent, waiting for him to speak, to hear his voice,

When he crossed his arms and smirked at the crowd of boys.


“The war had begun! We will train you, and every day will be harder!

If you want to live, rely on the men around you! That’s your brother! ”

“You will be safe, as long you protect yourself and help each other!

Listen to your officers, they know the best. I am your new father! “


Frightened for the future and my family, I slowly looked around,

Saw the boys in uniforms, brave men occupying the ground.

Recalling the words of my family, I knew that nothing shall harm me,

I was given a shelter, a new family, a brotherhood in the army.


Soldiers and Drones Dronstad


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