Night time blabbering 182

As I said, I got a little bit more active on the Reader, started to read your post and enjoy them. I did also tried to edit a page or two, but I lost my mind when the power went out. I went to take a nap instead and after that, I got engaged with other things. You can call this a brief sum up of my day because I really haven’t done much. Hopefully, I might do something more tomorrow, but you know me and my plans. They never go as I intended, so I will stop making plans and do whatever I can. It just might do the trick and jump start my motivation.

I’ll see what can I do in regards to a story or maybe a poem for a change. One post is for sure, the ‘Critique Needed’, where I kindly ask you to give me some feedback. But that is all uncertain and I won’t push it. We’ll just have to wait and see what I can do.

I battle the time, the chores and soon I will be over my head with stuff to do. I hate it, because there must be one thing that suffers this. Either is my editing, or the blog. My daily field work must not be questioned or postponed because the time here is of the essence. If you stall your chores for a longer time, the plants start paying the price of your lack of responsibility.

Ah, I call this life. It may not be full of thrills, but it is what I got. Thanks for sticking up with me. I do appreciate it.

The Kitten2 Dronstad


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