Battle Wings – Junkyard

Frightened that War Stains are regrouping for another strike, I set my men in the move. Wagons got stacked full with goods, the cars were filled with armed crew and guns were loaded with fresh ammo. Our pulling back commenced in the other direction to avoid the confrontation with the hostiles. My driver pulled up the armor on the windows, so I had time to think. Smoking like a train I drifted in my mind, calculating the Rudra’s words and planning to get rid of Viola – a woman who lead our gang.

I could drag War Stains to our base, and let them drew Viola out, but she will come with her suit on, that armored exoskeleton that will shield her from my bullets. That’s why I had Soiba with her sniper at my side. She doesn’t need to get closer. It will be easy to sacrifice Soiba after the assassination and there is nobody to stand in my way. Oh, there is Michael, a mechanic Viola holds spinning on her finger. He will be though to get to. The asshole never leaves workshop where he repairs the Canmen robots left from the war. Striking them both simultaneously will be a challenge. Fuck, how did I forget about that ass? Ugh, life is not fair.

“Sir. We are approaching our barricade.” The driver said and I absently nodded, still looking for a way to rid of the people who stood in my way.

The entrance went smooth and we went to the back, in the junkyard where we unloaded the cargo. Plastic, that will be used to boil it down with oil and make a distillation we will use as fuel for our vehicles. Metal, that will be used to make armor and robots. Wood, that we will use for fire. Clothes, we will ware them. Nothing goes to waste.

“Fine catch. This materials will use me fine. Where did you pick up these robots?” Michael limped towards the pickup truck, pointing at the enemy carcasses.

“War Stains gave them to us.” I said, irritated by his presence. “Could you build me a personal robot from one of these? Let me program it afterwards. I need a good scout in my team, and the drones have a short range.” I said while looking at Michael scratching his head, hissing about the idea I proposed.

“I’ll see what I can do.” He replied through a smile.

Prick, he doesn’t even know I want that robot to strangle him. A bad software, that is easy to blame.

I nodded, grinning at the man who looked me as a friend. Now for Soiba to do her job and clear the way for me to assume the lead.


War zone Dronstad

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