Battle Wings – The War Stains

At the door, a man waited for me. He gazed at the end of the street while other guards held their gun sights on a ruble in the distance.

“What is going on?” I gasped and the nervous guy pulled me down by the collar.

“We have a ‘pregnant’ approaching our position. I told the crew to stop the movement.” He whispered and bit his lip.

“Send the drone.” I pointed at him and he nodded.

A short buzz launched a drone in the air. The drone flew in the middle of the street, changed altitude and whirled away into the fog. I watched at the girl with antenna sticking out from her backpack, but she didn’t peeled off her eyes from the monitor. Waiting for the news, even I became restless, but she looked at me and shrugged.

A burst echoed behind the corner and everybody stiffened up, ready for a fight. One moment later, we heard an engine roar, and after that a sound of squeaking caterpillars rolling. The fog concealed the assailant, but flashes of their guns let us know they were near.

“Fire, all positions!” I growled and pulled out my gun.

The defensive line rattled at the pale curtain, hitting something, and the fog spouted out a metal machine loaded with barrels.

“War Stains!” The boy in the front screamed while his cover was crumbling.

“Top floors, give them hell!” I hailed the crew who leaned over the windows and started peppering the tank.

Bullets made sparks upon contact, flares popped out from the machine and everything was engulfed in the smoke again. My team changed spots, kept repelling the enemy and the tank doors opened.

“The Canmen! They’ve released the Canmen!” Woman shouted from the window just before a rocket hit that place.

“Get the cars! Bring them here!” I ordered in the radio while waving at my team to pull back.

Metal soldiers with grenade launchers and machine guns were marching towards the building, their bodies painted in gang colors, wiring hanging from their limbs, many poorly assembled. They looked like a child’s work, like nobody took care to fix them properly – a zombie menace of the city.

Our cars came just in time with their heavy weapons flashing at the mechanic troopers. From afar, I heard an echoes of a heavy rifle, single shots that were breaking the robot plating, setting them in flames – forcing them to explode.

The fight lasted a minute longer, enough for us to get the rest of the machines on the ground, and for one team to sneak up to the tank and blow it up. The dome was taken by a strong flare hitting the sky, overheating the ammo inside and setting it loose. The fight was over and our drones went in the air to hunt down the gangsters who operated the Can-soldiers.

I stood up and lit another cigarette while my crew cheered the victory. We lived for another day. If War Stains keep ambushing us like this, one day they will find our base and I can use them to kill Viola. Michael will disapprove that, and I will kill him too. I’ll find another mechanic. Rudra’s Demons have a lot of them.

“How do you like my aim?” A girl with long hair, camouflage pants and strips with bullets sowed for her clothes came with an easy step and smiled and caressing the long sniper barrel.

“You saved us Soiba. I may need to have a word with you. There is a thing I need you to do for me.” I grinned gabbing her for the shoulder and leading her to the side.


Tank Battle Dronstad

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