Battle Wings – Scavengers

Burial was finished and I called my team to move. They picked up their gear and we headed out. I positioned my scouts on the front and two on the rear, while the rest rode on bikes behind us.

For today’s mission I’ve selected a block with the buildings who stood remotely still with the huge hills of concrete resting on their sides. Ruins were hiding a valuable loot, but I wasn’t taking a digging crew, so today, we had a mission ‘pick and roll’.

Holding on for the door, I let the wind play with my hair and guided the driver into the block I wanted to raid.

We disembarked the vehicles and teams of two dispersed over the ruins, while armed guards dug in the defensive positions outside. The cars kept moving away to hide in the empty bank hall and shops who were a home to various animals and rodents.

Juxtapose landscape of cold apartments, the black windows and dark shafts made the chill crawl up my spine, yet the warm colors of the Sun bouncing from a few standing windows gave me comfort.

“Watch out for the rogue snipers. They prey in their holes. Whatever moves in these condos, make it cold and full of lead.” I growled in the radio station and walked toward the entrance.

I lit a cigarette and took a stroll in the empty hallways, hearing my men raiding the rooms and breaking the locked doors. Stale air had a scent of dust, mold and a tone of stench signifying that a sewer pipe must’ve broke somewhere. There was glass under my boots and bullet casing – there was a fight in this building. This thought was solidified when I went inside the room where I’ve found a skeleton in rags lying on the floor.

“Don’t mind at us Sir. We are here to relieve you of your possessions.” I grinned at the skull and hit it with a cigarette butt, scoffed and prompted a rifle on my shoulder.

I tended to make a step, when I heard the knocks of heels behind the wall.

“That’s a woman. An old woman. I wonder what killed her first, the hunger, or an illness she couldn’t treat with medications. Drugs became expensive after the bombs and sick people had nothing to trade for it. You scavengers killed a ton of poor people. This is an age of rats.” A girl stepped out from the cover, showing her long leather boots, short skirt that complemented her figure and fishnet over her black t-shirt.

Rudra. What the hell are you doing here?” I whispered coming closer, jumpy because her place wasn’t nowhere near this block. “If my men see you, they’ll shoot and you know I need to protect my ass. Get out.”

“I wanted to see you.” She smiled while her gentle hand slid down my chest. “Don’t defy your Mistress, slave. You haven’t called, nor let me know about your decision. What will it be? Will you kill Viola?” Her black lipstick called me for a passionate kiss, but I had to declined.

“Now?! The situation in the Wings are getting worse. I can’t take over the command over them just yet. Viola and that fucker Michael are running it tight. She won’t let me get close enough to her. I can only hope for some gang to make a move on us, so I can take aim at her. You need to wait.”

“Time is running out. My leader is not a patient guy, so have that in mind darling.” She said with a hurt on her face, touched mine and left the room.

I kicked the chair, hissed and grunted, pissed off because my plans were only proving futile. Now I was pressed into a sandwich with the Rudra’s Demons and Viola who grows suspicious about me.

Damn Viola and Demons!

“Sir! Sir! We have a situation outside.” The radio rustled and I stormed out from the room.


Badass Dronstad

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