Battle Wings – The Return

Viola the Demonslayer approached the street, stepped from the thick fog where I saw her blade rock on her metal hip. Archaic suit had new scratches from the fight, and the same were on the soldiers who followed her. Her hair changed color – it must be the ash and dust that stuck to her wet hair.

They all crossed the ruin of a building, but she already started pulling out from the armor. Her face told me she was in pain while doing so, but that was usual for someone who fought heavy duty Demons from the Wyvern clan.

“How did it go?” I asked still focused on a dust I drew in with a wrench and she gasped standing near me.

“They attacked the block, but I gave them not an inch of our turf. I killed a few of petty recruits, and the boys did the rest. Is Michael in his workshop? The bastards dented my battery pack and I have a loose wire in my shoulder.” She frowned combing her sticky hair.

“He just came back from the Market. He traded plastic and some trinkets for food and ammo. I intend taking my platoon on a scavenger hunt for resources. Wish me luck.” I tried to smile, but failed at it and she tapped me in a sign of encouragement.

“Scream if you see someone coming for you.” She added and now I was in full laughter.

Viola descended to the dark corridors of our modest base and came into neon light where our shop was build. Children played with the residue  that fell from the table full of parts and wiring Michael tossed around, while music played from the ugly radio. Losing her breath, she sat on the bench and men hooked her suit for the hooks. One of them unscrewed her torso and the whole thing was lifted out of her.

“If you keep coming like that, we will ran out of part to swap in your armor and who will fight Demons then?” Michael grunted limping towards Viola that just lit a cigarette and gave him a look.

“You always say that. Just veld it together and send me back on the street. I keep killing those guys, but their workshops are far bigger than ours. I bet they have teams of mechanics work on their soldier’s equipment, so stop bitching and get back to work.” She gnashed, took a whiff and pulled a deep breath.

“At least tell me I am not doing this in vain.” Michael smirked unwillingly and Viola stopped to ran the odds in her mind.

“Topaz Wyverns are without the head to lead them. I demolished Zatar and Frenrer. Their Commander lies in dust without a head and half of the troops they brought are scattered in the city. My scouts know their business. It is not in vain. As long as we protect our own, it is never in vain.” Viola took a step around Michael, winked at him and parted ways with a gentle lean over the smelly mechanic that grazed her arm.


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