Dust of Gliza – The End

The man it the crate yawned, stretched his arms, and filled his mouth before he vomited over the side. I stood above him, gasping at the poor guy who showed signs of illness. Somehow, I guessed his crate was held in an environment a crate like this shouldn’t be in, and that resulted with long hair, thin form and long bushy hair.

“Fuuuck.” He exhaled the word and rose his head at the blue sky where he saw the mass of Orbiters spinning without course and debris around them – twinkling at us. “Oh, my fucking God. Where am I? What happened?! What year is this?!” He jumped, while I observed him.

“Calm down slave, or I will drag you over the road.” I scoffed and he threw his eyes at me.

“Thanks God, you speak English.” He said.

“English? What a stupid language.” I added, and took the reins and whipped the horse.

This foreign tongue was somehow understandable, even I heard it for the first time. Strangely, I knew how to speak it, the meaning of the words this creature spoke.

I focused on the road, leaving my passenger to gaze at the landscape, get dubious about the Soyuz 9, and the clamor that reverberated from there.

“Who are you?” He asked after a long pause.

“I am a man who bought you in the Slave market in the Soyuz 9.” I replied without looking back at him.

“Soyuz 9? That’s the Russian cargo ship. It carried the elements for building the base for the colony. What happened with the colony? How many years have passed?” He was shooting the question inexorably and the words made me tired to listen to them.

“The first Orbiter fell 3 000 years ago, if that’s what are you asking me. I know nothing about your colony, Slave! Stop asking me so damn much and be quiet. We are not out of the woods yet. There are Klevians around looking for me. You haven’s seen those monsters yet, and pray to your Gods you don’t. Those Eggborn folk will disembowel you like a brall and feast on your corpse. Be grateful you are not a woman, or you will be used to breed them an army to fight the Heretics! Ugh, the mistake they’ll make if they march against them.” I spoke more for myself than to the man who carefully listened to my dialect.

“Klevians, Eggborn, what the hell are you blabbering about? What happened on this planet? Is this Gliza 453C?! Tell me, damn you! What happened?!”

“Shut up, or I will plant a sword inside of your skull and fuck it bloody.” I gnashed and the horse disobeyed the sudden jerk on the reins. “I bought you to answer me the same questions. Your kind is blessed with the knowledge of old, that’s why I shared my coins on you, dumb fuck! I want to know too! War happened! Is that the answer to your question?! War happened! And war will happen again if we don’t find the answers. Heretics will burn everything with their metal soldiers, and nobody knows they are coming. See these black tulips?” I pointed at the meadow. “That’s a monument of great defeat over the Heretic army, but Kingdoms failed to cut the stem from which the Heretics grow. Their base is hidden behind the mountains and it grows stronger than before. The end is near.”

He became silent for the hefty amount of the travel, enough for my ears to adjust to this new language. Maybe I released him prematurely, or the colonization happened prematurely. What ever it was, the time has changed and everything got turned into the dust, dust of Gliza.


robot_army Dronstad

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